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Geogames events in summer 2014

Two Geogames events took place (rather space) in summer 2014 so far:

Peter Kiefer (ETH Zürich) presented at the ifgi Summer School 2014 on Gamyfing Spatial Collaboration using our CityPoker Designer and staging a game.

Barbara Feulner (Augsburg University) staged a Neocartographer event with school kids evaluating urban public spaces in Augsburg

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Geogames at the ESRI EMEAUC 2013

The Geogames team of the University of Bamberg is present at the ESRI Europe, Middle East and Africa Education GIS Conference. The conference takes place on October 22nd and 23rd at the ICM Munich. An Unconference Session about Geogames organized by the team on Tuesday, Oktober 22nd.

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Geogames at the ESRI International Developer Summit 2013

Olga Yanenko, member of the Geogames team, is going to participate in this year’s DevSummit taking place March 25-28 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. One of the objectives of this visit will be to explore the possibilities of GIS and related technologies for the development of mobile location-based applications. Another aspect is focused on location-based services and gamification research in general as well as networking activities to strengthen the interconnection of researchers and developers in this special area.

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The Neocartographer Game

In Neocartographer, two players or teams of players compete, each trying to outperform the opponent in a mapping contest where a player gains an advantage by being the first to contribute a piece of information about a geographic location. The game belongs to the genre of configuration games, where players occupy spatial regions until they reach a winning configuration. In contrast to most of these games, Neocartographer challenges its players by requiring them to reason about spatial distances.

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